iat4ss and its partner colleges are looking for innovative professors, on an adjunct basis, who can co-create and/or co-deliver advanced integrated accounting curriculum leveraging technology. Contact Linda Espahbodi at lespahbodi1@gmail.com if you are interested in being considered for these opportunities.


Instructor Profile

Personal Values    

  • Has a demonstrated investment in the evolution of a holistic accounting education

  • Has a demonstrated investment in education equity for all underserved Americans

  • Enthusiastic about teaching in a virtual live classroom

  • Is committed to continuous improvement in personal and professional growth

Teaching Philosophy

  • Inspires students in the field of accounting by recognizing each student’s passion and making a connection to the profession

  • Engages each student and values her or his individual attributes and contributions

  • Maintains a rigorous but supportive environment for students to build confidence that they can navigate the world after college

Teaching Practice

  • Demonstrates mastery of content

  • Sets a culture of high expectations

Ø  Leads students towards discovery of knowledge and deep understanding through engagement with peers, teaching assistants, mentors and professors

Ø  Nurtures excellent written and oral communication skills and develops critical thinking skills to facilitate making good professional judgment

Ø  Gives detailed feedback continually

  • Encourages a diversity of opinions and perspectives